My name is Davis Fosgitt and I am a recent graduate of Ferris State University’s Television and Digital Media Production program. In my free time, I have multiple side hustles including freelance video and photo, reselling and customizing shoes, and I’m working on getting into streaming and podcasting.

I had just transferred to a new school and was taking a multimedia arts class. On the first day, I sat next to someone that would become influential in where I am today. His name was Isaac. He introduced me to the Perez brothers: Damien and Christian. From there, our group would form. We spent the majority of our high school years shooting skateboarding videos, participating in short film competitions, and dreaming about doing something bigger. After we graduated high school, we started working on advertisement videos for businesses in our area and we have been doing that ever since.

As I always say, “I’m just an average guy trying to live an extraordinary life.” My drive to pursue a career in video production comes from a realization from my youth. My main goal in life is to positively impact other people’s lives, inspire someone like those who have inspired me, and leave my mark on the world. I grew up watching old movies with my grandpa and that time spent had such a positive impact on my life; I hope to someday give that to someone else. My biggest aspiration is to produce a movie and see my name roll down those credits.

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